Affordable Natural Gas Benefits Everyone

Expanding U.S. pipeline infrastructure gives more people access to affordable energy, while continuing to lower greenhouse gas emissions and harmful pollutants. Pipeline projects like Atlantic Sunrise are essential to bringing domestically produced natural gas to more end users. But without pipeline infrastructure, the vast benefits of domestically produced natural gas cannot be fully realized. Transmission and distribution pipelines must be expanded to ensure adequate supply for new regions and to serve more manufacturing facilities, homes and businesses.

What does access to affordable natural gas mean for American homes?

  • The shift from coal to natural gas for power generation is keeping electricity costs low for Pennsylvanians. SOURCE
  • Potential cuts to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) makes access to affordable energy crucial. Bringing more domestically produced natural gas to market will keep prices low for years to come. SOURCE
  • More robust pipeline infrastructure will reduce transportation costs and reduce regional price differences, resulting in more affordable energy. SOURCE
  • Access to affordable natural gas has directly translated into energy savings to the tune of $900 per year for American families. SOURCE
  • Households using natural gas for heating, cooking and clothes-drying save an average of $874 per year over households using electricity for those applications. SOURCE

What does the use of natural gas mean for the environment?

Affordable natural gas has been the main driver behind the shift away from coal in the power-generation sector. This shift has led the U.S. to become a leader in greenhouse gas emission reductions.

  • In addition to driving CO2 emissions to 25-year lows, the increased use of natural gas has helped reduce emissions of six other pollutants, including ozone, lead and carbon monoxide. SOURCE
  • Because natural gas yields fewer greenhouse gas emissions than coal or petroleum, the expanded use of natural gas offers significant opportunities to help address global climate change. SOURCE
  • Thanks to natural gas, total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are not expected to reach 2005 levels again until sometime after 2040. SOURCE

What It Means For Consumers


Affordable Consumer Costs

Pipeline infrastructure like Atlantic Sunrise creates consumer access to an abundant supply of clean, affordable energy, further reducing energy costs for consumers.


Added Local Investment

Moving more natural gas from Pennsylvania to consumers will increase activity, investment and job creation within the state. Approximately 8,000 jobs and an associated $870 million in economic value will be added during the construction period alone.


Cleaner Burning Fuel

Growing domestic production of energy resources and the pipelines that transport them are creating opportunities to access a clean-burning, low emissions energy resource — natural gas.


Support for Renewables

Our country’s ability to incorporate more wind and solar energy into the power mix is dependent on a reliable natural gas supply that can quickly and cost-effectively pick up the slack when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow.


We Keep Farmers Farming

Williams operates thousands of miles of pipelines buried under agricultural land across the U.S. For the Atlantic Sunrise project we are embracing construction practices which protect and reclaim the land back to prior production yields as soon as possible.