Pennsylvania’s Energy Potential

Natural gas is the most abundant, clean and reliable fuel source for everything from heating individual homes to generating much of the nation’s electricity. While Pennsylvania continues to produce record volumes of natural gas, insufficient pipeline capacity is limiting access to the state’s natural gas supplies. That’s where Atlantic Sunrise comes in.

Atlantic Sunrise is a multibillion-dollar private investment that will expand the state’s energy infrastructure and provide an opportunity to put thousands of Pennsylvanians to work. Atlantic Sunrise will help millions more Americans gain access to affordable, reliable, environmentally responsible Pennsylvania-produced natural gas.

What it means for Consumers


Affordable Consumer Costs

Pipeline infrastructure like Atlantic Sunrise creates consumer access to an abundant supply of clean, affordable energy, further reducing energy costs for consumers.


Added Local Investment

Moving more natural gas from Pennsylvania to consumers will increase activity, investment and job creation within the state. Approximately 8,000 jobs and an associated $870 million in economic value will be added during the construction period alone.


Cleaner Burning Fuel

Growing domestic production of energy resources and the pipelines that transport them are creating opportunities to access a clean-burning, low emissions energy resource — natural gas.


Support for Renewables

Our country’s ability to incorporate more wind and solar energy into the power mix is dependent on a reliable natural gas supply that can quickly and cost-effectively pick up the slack when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow.


We Keep Farmers Farming

Williams operates thousands of miles of pipelines buried under agricultural land across the U.S. For the Atlantic Sunrise project we are embracing construction practices which protect and reclaim the land back to prior production yields as soon as possible.

Show Your Support

Atlantic Sunrise is a critical infrastructure investment needed in Pennsylvania that will move our country closer to energy independence. Add your name to the growing number of Atlantic Sunrise supporters and let our state leaders know you believe in access to affordable, reliable, environmentally responsible and domestically produced energy.

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