Do you avoid all cemeteries and burial grounds?

Williams does not intend to site through or to disturb any cemeteries during the survey process or during pipeline construction. If we are made aware of a cemetery, we will revise the route accordingly to avoid all cemeteries, including (but not only) Euro-American and Native American.  To our knowledge, no background data shows that the current primary route passes through or near any Native American or Euro-American cemeteries, and no information was provided during the open houses to indicate that the route would affect any cemeteries.  Williams and the FERC will consult with Native American Tribes in or near the project to determine locations of cultural significance, including the location of cemeteries and burial grounds. There is a possibility that human remains could be discovered during the archaeology studies, as shallow shovel testing is performed.  However, if human remains are discovered, surveys will stop, the site will be placed back to pre-disturbance condition, and the route will be revised accordingly.