Will this gas be exported overseas?

We expect the vast majority of natural gas transported by this project will be consumed domestically in markets along the East Coast, displacing natural gas which previously originated in production areas located within the Gulf of Mexico. Domestic commercial, industrial and power generation markets throughout the Mid-Atlantic and southeastern United States will benefit from this new access to abundant and economic Marcellus gas supplies.

Pennsylvanians will consume natural gas transported by this project. The Transco pipeline already provides 1/3 of the natural gas consumed in Pennsylvania. For 50 years that gas originated in the Gulf of Mexico. Today, an increasing amount of that gas is coming from Pennsylvania. Once the Atlantic Sunrise project is placed into service, it will even further extend the reach of our existing Transco infrastructure so that those existing Transco customers in Pennsylvania and other parts of the country (local distribution companies, manufacturers, power plants, etc.) will have direct access to Marcellus supply originating in northeastern Pennsylvania. This is highly sought after because the price of natural gas sourced from this Marcellus supply area trades at a lower cost than natural gas originating from other gas supply basins (such as the Gulf of Mexico or Canada). So for example, even though your local distribution company may not be an Atlantic Sunrise customer, they can still contract directly with a Marcellus producer to receive gas supply via Atlantic Sunrise. The bottom line: all of Transco’s customers, including those in Pennsylvania, will benefit from the direct access the Atlantic Sunrise project will provide.