Will there be any local benefit from construction?

The FERC Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), issued in  May 2016, estimated that “construction activities will generate about $16.9 million in additional state taxes and that total payroll would be about $501.6 million during the construction phase.”

Researchers at The Pennsylvania State University forecast that the Atlantic Sunrise project will directly employ approximately 2,300 employees in the ten Pennsylvania counties during the project’s one-year construction phase. This will result in an estimated $1.6 billion increase in economic activity in the project area. The 2,300 employees would stimulate the local and regional economies in the project area and support an additional 6,000 indirect and induced jobs. The Project is also expected to generate an additional $245 million in labor income in the project area during construction. Additional positive economic impacts would continue during the operations phase. An estimated 15 full-time permanent positions will be needed to operate and maintain the pipeline, compressor stations, and related facilities. These 15 direct jobs are expected to support an additional 14 indirect and induced jobs. Maintenance and operations expenditures related to the Project are expected to generate approximately $1.9 million in labor income in the project area each year.

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