Will the presence of a pipeline affect my ability to get a mortgage?

In FERC’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), issued in May 2016, the agency said:

“…We are not aware of landowners having problems obtaining mortgages for properties crossed by pipelines. A comment was filed supporting this view from a senior vice president of the Lancaster-based Fulton Bank. It states that, while the presence of a utility easement is always accounted for during the appraisal process, the presence of a pipeline is not taken into account when the final determination is made on whether to offer financing.”

In October 2014 FERC addressed the issue of the impact a pipeline could have on a property owner to obtain a mortgage. The FERC concluded: “Furthermore, based on our experience in reviewing natural gas pipelines across the United States, we have never documented an instance where a FERC-jurisdictional pipeline project has affected the ability of a prospective buyer to obtain a mortgage. We therefore find these claims to be unlikely.”

In 2016, the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America Foundation (INGAA) published the results of a study entitled “Pipeline Impact to Property Value and Property Insurability.” The goal of the study was to determine the effects of natural gas pipelines on real estate values, insurability and the ability to obtain a mortgage. The study included data from both rural and suburban areas. The study demonstrated that the presence of a natural gas pipeline had no effect on obtaining a mortgage.