What will the presence of the pipeline do to my property values?

Historically speaking, natural gas pipeline easements have had little or no impact on property values.

In its Draft Environmental Impact Statement, issued in May 2016, FERC cited multiple studies which support the position that the presence of a natural gas pipeline has little or no impact on property values.

One of those was a 2016 study by the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America Foundation (INGAA) entitled “Pipeline Impact to Property Value and Property Insurability.” The goal of the study was to determine the effects of natural gas pipelines on real estate values, insurability and the ability to obtain a mortgage. The study included data from both rural and suburban areas. The ultimate finding of the study was that there is no measurable impact on the sales price of properties located along or in proximity to a natural gas pipeline versus properties which are not located along or in proximity to the same pipeline.

In addition, the January/February 2011 edition of the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) publication, Right of Way, includes a study entitled “The Effect of Natural Gas Pipelines on Residential Value.” The results of this particular study, which used methodologies similar to those used in the INGAA study, showed that the researchers could “…not identify a systematic relationship between proximity to the pipeline and sale price or value.