How will the value of the easement be determined?

The valuation of the easement will be determined by the market value of land in the area as determined by independent sources. These sources can be county deed and tax records, local appraisers, real estate brokers and other real estate professionals. Factors considered generally include length, width, existing land use and comparable land sales in the area. Impact to the remaining property may also be considered. This information will be shared with the landowner and fair compensation will be offered. We encourage the landowner to provide any other relevant information that may be considered in establishing a fair market value. In addition to the value of the easement, the landowner will be compensated for any actual damages to their property during construction. Such damages may include loss of crop, timber, pasture, or landscape features (or landscape use). Settlement of damages may occur before or after pipeline construction. Damage to fences, gates, roads, drainages, etc., will be repaired prior to the contractor leaving the site. The landowner will be asked to acknowledge completion of and satisfaction with the restoration activities.