PA Proud: Natural gas brings you Super Bowl Sunday

Everyone knows there’s a lot of energy on Super Bowl Sunday, but what you may not realize is much of that energy is made possible thanks to natural gas.

Williams handles about 30 percent of the nation’s natural gas, transporting it through pipelines like the Atlantic Sunrise system currently under construction in Pennsylvania. That’s why it’s natural for us to take a moment to reflect on how natural gas impacts this annual event.

As you sit down on Sunday night and turn on your television, which is likely powered by natural gas, enjoy your drink of choice in a cup made with natural gas and snack on your own favorite football treats on a plate made from natural gas, consider how important the benefits of this abundant domestic resource are in our everyday lives.

Natural gas powers football. Look for these during the Super Bowl to see how natural gas does more than just provide clean-burning energy:

  1. Footballs
  2. Cleats
  3. Helmets
  4. Jerseys
  5. Artificial turf
  6. Lights
  7. Clipboards
  8. Loudspeakers
  9. Water bottles
  10. Hats
  11. Fan gear
  12. Signage
  13. Cameras
  14. Cups
  15. Facepaint

Enjoy the game!