Williams Announces $350,000 in Atlantic Sunrise Community Grants

Community-Grant-1Williams today announced the recipients of the Atlantic Sunrise Community Grant Program, awarding more than $350,000 to 49 organizations that reside in, and/or provide services to communities where the proposed Atlantic Sunrise project would be constructed and operated.

Grants up to $10,000 per applicant are being awarded to eligible organizations to fund projects that provide benefit to local communities or the environmental.

“The community grant program is a way for us to demonstrate in a very tangible way that we want to be a good neighbor and support the communities where we operate,” said Atlantic Sunrise Project Director Chris Springer.

“As we talk to communities, one of the things we’ve heard is that many people aren’t familiar with Williams or its commitment to communities. Our goals is that through this program our neighbors will become more familiar with Williams and see that we are a 100-year-old company with a deep tradition of supporting the communities where our employees live and work.” Two cycles of grant awards will be announced each year. The next cycle of grant awards will be announced next fall.

1st Cycle Grant Summary by County

  • Clinton County: three grants for a total of $16,000
  • Wyoming County: five grants for a total of $42,500
  • Schuylkill County: four grants for a total of $35,300
  • Lycoming County: three grants for a total of $18,165
  • Columbia County: ten grants for a total of $67,768
  • Lebanon County: six grants for a total of $52,800
  • Luzerne County: four grants for a total of $27,500
  • Lancaster County: nine grants for a total of $56,150
  • Susquehanna County: two grants for a total of $20,000
  • Northumberland County: three grants for a total of $20,000

1st Cycle Grant Recipients

  • Nicholson Fire Co. No. 1 (Wyoming County, PA) – Purchase of New Fire Truck. Grant Award: $7500
  • Clinton Township (Wyoming, PA) – Swing Set Project. Grant Award: $7500
  • Factoryville Vol. Fire Co. (Wyoming, PA) – Rescue Jack Procurement. Grant Award: $7500
  • Lake Winola Fire Co. (Wyoming, PA) – Ambulance Stretcher. Grant Award: $10,000
  • Northmoreland Twp. Vol. Fire Co. (Wyoming, PA) – Volunteer Hall Renovation. Grant Award: $10,000
  • Little Meadows Vol. Fire Co. and Rescue Squad (Susquehanna, PA) – Emergency Services Facility Building Project. Grant Award: $10,000
  • Montrose Restoration Committee (Susquehanna, PA) – Montrose Theater Heating System Replacement. Grant Award: $10,000
  • Hegins Valley Fire-Rescue (Schuylkill, PA) – Training Room. Grant Award: $10,000
  • Mahantongo Fire Co. (Schuylkill, PA) – Propane Tank and Garage Heater. Grant Award: $7500
  • Sweet Arrow Lake Conservation Assoc. (Schuylkill, PA) – Special Needs Fishing Dock. Grant Award: $8000
  • Tremont Fire Co. No. 1 (Schuylkill, PA) – Radio Upgrade. Grant award: $9800
  • East Cameron Township Fire Co. (Northumberland, PA) – Fire Truck Replacement. Grant Award: $10,000
  • Elysburg Fire Dept. (Northumberland, PA) – Utility 170 Rehab. Grant Award: $5000
  • Ralpho Fire Co. No. 1 (Northumberland, PA) – Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Replacement. Grant Award: $5000
  • Black Forest Vol. Fire Co. (Lycoming, PA) – Lift for Rescue Trailer. Grant Award: $3165
  • James V. Brown Library (Lycoming, PA) – Books for Summer Reading Program. Grant Award: $6000
  • Mt. Zion Cemetery Co. (Lycoming, PA) – Mt. Zion Cemetery Restoration/Improvement. Grant Award: $9000
  • North Branch Land Trust (Luzerne/Wyoming, PA) – Howland Preserve Farmhouse Renovation Project. Grant Award: $7500
  • Children’s Service Center (Luzerne, PA) – Community Socialization and Development Campership Program. Grant Award: $5000
  • Dallas Area Fall Fair (Luzerne, PA) – Handicap Bathroom Facilities. Grant Award: $5000
  • Sweet Valley Vol. Fire Co. (Luzerne, PA) – Thermal Imaging Camera. Grant Award: $10,000
  • Bellgrove Fire Co. (Lebanon, PA) – QRS Unit Replacement. Grant Award: $10,000
  • Greenpoint Fire Co. (Lebanon, PA) – Emergency Back-up Generator. Grant Award: $7500
  • Lebanon Community Library (Lebanon, PA) – Books To Go Outreach Services. Grant Award: $7800
  • Lebanon Valley Rails-to-Trails, Inc. (Lebanon, PA) – Trail Resurfacing. Grant Award: $10,000
  • Ono Vol. Fire. Co. (Lebanon, PA) – Thermal Imager. Grant Award: $7500
  • Union Hose Co. of Annville, Inc. (Lebanon, PA) – Protective Fire Clothing. Grant Award: $10,000
  • Edward Hand Middle School (Lancaster, PA) – Evans Lady Maryland. Grant Award: $2000
  • Lancaster EMS Assoc. (Lancaster, PA) – Emergency and Public Safety Communications. Grant Award: $10,000
  • Lancaster Science Factory (Lancaster, PA) – Make It Yourself – STEM Pro Workshop Series. Grant Award: $4000
  • Lititz Run Watershed Alliance (Lancaster, PA) – Stream Monitoring Program/Watershed Day. Grant Award: $5000
  • Manheim Township Education Foundation (Lancaster, PA) – Inspiring 2030 Engineers with Early Hands-on STEM. Grant Award: $9000
  • Mastersonville Vol. Fire Co. (Lancaster, PA) – Medical Equipment Purchase. Grant Award: $830
  • Millersville University – Career and Life Studies (Lancaster, PA) – Career and Life Studies Scholarship Fund. Grant Award: $10,000
  • PA No-Till Alliance (Lancaster, PA) – 10th Anniversary Soil Health Field Day. Grant Award: $10,000
  • Wakefield Ambulance Assoc. (Lancaster, PA – Stryker XPS Systems. Grant Award: $5320
  • Benton Vol. Fire & Ambulance Co. (Columbia, Pa) – Equipment for New Pumper/Tanker. Grant Award: $7500
  • Buckhorn Vol. Community Fire Co. #1 (Columbia, PA) – Utility Terrain Vehicle. Grant Award: $7500
  • Greenwood Township Supervisors (Columbia, PA) – Backup Generator. Grant Award: $10,000
  • Locust Township Police Department (Columbia, PA) – Operation: Mutual Aid – Radios. Grant Award: $8000
  • Montour Township Fire Co. (Columbia, PA) – Replacement of Emergency Lights on Fire Truck. Grant Award: $2000
  • Camp Victory (Columbia, PA) – Public Accessible Boardwalk and Education Program. Grant Award: $10,000
  • Orange Township (Columbia, PA) – Kocher Park/Orange Township Recycling. Grant Award: $9080
  • Orangeville Public Library (Columbia, PA) – Literature for Preschool and Elementary Students. Grant Award: $513
  • The Children’s Museum (Columbia, PA) – Bringing Education Outdoors. Grant Award: $5000
  • Columbia County Traveling Library (Columbia, PA) – Improving Children’s Non-Fiction Library Collection. Grant Award: $8175
  • Kettle Creek Hose Co. No. 1 (Clinton and Potter (Fire Station), PA) – Rescue Off-road Vehicle. Grant Award: $5000
  • Clinton County Dept. of Emergency Services EMS Team (Clinton, PA) – EMS Team Equipment. Grant Award: $500
  • Hope Hose Company No. 2 (Clinton, PA) – Operations and Safety. Grant Award: $6000

Grant applications can be completed here.  Applications must be received by March 1 and September 1.