Williams Supports U.S. Manufacturers

Pittsburgh – In recognition of National Manufacturing Day, Jim Scheel, senior vice president, Williams Northeast Gathering and Processing, today issued the following statement of support

Oct. 7 is National Manufacturing Day, and as we recognize the hard-working people behind American-made goods, it is important to note the vital role natural gas plays in propelling manufacturing forward across Pennsylvania and throughout the United States.

In response to tremendous demand for the robust natural gas supply in our state, companies like Williams have been able to transport this resource to businesses that use natural gas to power their facilities and as feedstock to manufacture materials, such as steel, machinery, advanced plastics, adhesives, coatings, cleaning agents and more.

The abundance, reliability and cost-effectiveness of natural gas is helping manufacturers produce industrial products competitively, driving demand for them.

Despite challenges associated with building new infrastructure that expands our ability to supply natural gas to the people and businesses that want and need access to it – mainly caused by regulatory uncertainty – more than $100 billion in new manufacturing investment and over 150 new economic development projects have been announced throughout the U.S. due to the abundance of domestic oil and gas.

In turn, the manufacturing sector has continued to revitalize the nation, adding over $2 trillion to the U.S. economy in 2013 and providing jobs for over 12 million Americans. Its importance to our country’s growth cannot be overstated and should not be swept aside.

However, with limited pipeline capacity, manufacturing investment and consumer benefits are not being fully realized. To maximize investment and optimize the complementary nature of the relationship between the natural gas industry and the manufacturing sector, there must be a clear line of sight for how natural gas will get to market. This can only happen by improving and making more consistent the regulatory process for pipeline permitting and construction. 

The natural gas industry and manufacturing sector are partners in bringing change to the Commonwealth. With continued educational programs, a more consistent regulatory environment, skilled labor training and subsequent job creation, the entire state can continue to benefit from this collaboration.


Joe Horvath
Communications for Williams

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