First responders purchase lifesaving equipment with Atlantic Sunrise Community Grant funds

Fire departments, schools, parks and townships are some of the 44 Pennsylvania organizations that received $326,800 in funding this spring from Williams through its biannual Atlantic Sunrise Community Grant Program.

Brian Kleinfelter, a member of Hebron Hose Co. #1 in South Lebanon Township, shows Williams public outreach manager Mike Atchie a new ventilation saw the fire company was able to purchase with part of the funds received from the Atlantic Sunrise Community Grant program. Kleinfelter says a local company in the Lebanon area was used to purchase the emergency-response equipment from, so the grant money stayed in the area further benefiting the local community.

Two of the emergency response organizations, Friendship Fire Co. and the Lawn Volunteer Fire Co. in Lebanon County, Pa., plan to use grant awards of $10,000 each to purchase modern rescue equipment.

“We have a lot of older rescue equipment that desperately needs updating,” said Captain Robert Donley, Friendship Fire Co. “This support is going to allow us to purchase newer, modern rescue equipment that will help us be more effective in our local emergency response activities. Our entire fire company is very grateful for this grant.”

Lawn Fire Co. Chief Daniel Braden echoed those remarks.

“We are going to use this much-needed grant to help us obtain additional personal protective equipment to keep our responders safe as they respond to emergencies within our community,” he said. “For a volunteer organization like ours, this contribution is going to go a long, long way. Thank you, Williams, for partnering with the emergency response community.”

Grant funds are being used in one community to provide a place to play for kids of all abilities. In Lancaster County, Quarryville borough will use $10,000 to build an inclusive playground in Huffnagle Park.

“Huffnagle Park is in need of an update to the current structure, which was built in 1989,” project co-director Maria Peiffer said. “After talk of building a new playground started, a suggestion to build an inclusive and accessible playground for all abilities was proposed. Our goal is to increase the accessibility of the playground by providing innovative features such as an adapted swing, poured-in-place rubber surfacing and an adapted seesaw.

“This grant from Williams is going to help make it possible for all children in this area to have a safe, inclusive place to play.”

Williams awards grants up to $10,000 per applicant to eligible organizations in communities where the proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project would be constructed and operated. Since 2015, Williams has announced total awards of more than $1.79 million across the entire Atlantic Sunrise project area.

Lebanon County’s Hebron Hose Fire Co. has seen the benefit of the community grant program after receiving funds during last year’s fall cycle. A $10,000 grant helped the local emergency response organization update lifesaving equipment for its crew. When it came time to purchase materials, the organization used local businesses, keeping the funds even closer to the South Lebanon community. You can see more about how the Hebron Hose Fire Co. is putting community grant funds to use below:


PA natural gas, American energy independence

Independence Day stands as an annual reminder of the sacrifices our forefathers made to ensure our country’s freedom and ability to prosper as a free and independent nation. Americans have fought for and defended this freedom from the beginning through hard work and perseverance. Our nation was built on the principle of resourcefulness — the ability to make use of what’s available to compete and prosper.

That same spirit is alive and thriving in the hearts of Americans. Pennsylvania, for example, has the opportunity to distinguish itself as a leader in the future of energy on a global scale. The state sits on the largest natural gas field in the country; however, we lack the infrastructure to get this essential energy source to the homes and businesses that would benefit from it the most. Putting Pennsylvanians to work to build Atlantic Sunrise would secure our state’s dominance in natural gas production and bring our nation closer to energy independence.

As our nation continues to compete in the 21st century as a major world power, it is crucial that we invest in our infrastructure and make use of the natural resources we possess. Americans have always found a way to thrive and compete on a global level, but a lack of energy infrastructure build-out hinders this progress. We must make our own choices when it comes to how we power our businesses and homes, and it starts with natural gas as the driving force for innovation and independence.

Our founders saw the necessity for independence and freedom to create a nation that would prosper through innovation and determination. Their hope for such a future falls on us. Today, as we remember those who declared that we shall be a nation that makes its own choices, let us declare our own energy independence by investing in our country’s natural gas resources. It’s time to build Atlantic Sunrise.

— Mike Atchie, Williams public outreach manager