The heart of Williams shines through employee holiday giving

Across the country, Williams employees display their giving spirit. Whether it be toy drives, food drives, warm clothing drives, preparing care packages for our military or providing supplies for seniors, our employees are committed to making sure others in their community and those serving abroad have the happiest of holidays.

Some examples of holiday giving include:

  • Our teams working on the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project in Pennsylvania collected toys and gifts for kids in the communities near the project. We partnered with area organizations including the Salvation Army and Toys for Tots.
  • Employees at the Susquehanna Supply Hub in Tunkhannock provided gifts for the Children Service Center of Wyoming County, delivered care packages to the senior center and took a turn as bell ringers for the Salvation Army.
  • Employees at our Echo Springs Plant in Wamsutter, Wyoming, collected toys and Williams sponsored the 2017 Toys for Tots annual toy drive, which provided toys to over 800 children in Carbon County this year.
  • The ACH Child and Family Service organization in Fort Worth, Texas, was once again the happy recipient of toys, clothing and baby items donated by our ARC Park Fort Worth employees.
  • Ohio River Supply Hub employees in West Virginia donated Hoodies and Hams for the Holidays to students at Moundsville and Cameron Middle Schools. Other employees were busy preparing their float and stocking up on candy to share with kids lining the streets at the three local holiday parades.
  • Collecting much-needed items, knitting scarves and hats for a local senior center and playing some rousing games of Bingo was the focus for a group of Pittsburgh employees, while others participated in the Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber’s Jinglefest raising funds for the 171st “Military Family Support Unit.”
  • Pittsburgh employees also collected, sorted and delivered toys to Santa’s Toy Warehouse as part of the annual Toys for Tots drive
  • Our Utica Supply Hub employees collected items for special holiday care packages for some very special people who are not so close to home – active duty military members who cannot be home for the holidays.
  • In north central Oklahoma, Williams employees continued a four-year tradition by hosting a food drive to help those in need in their community. Our Waynoka, Oklahoma, field office employees gathered food and donations and delivered the supplies to the Waynoka Food Bank. Wherever we operate, Williams employees support our communities and we’re proud to salute that volunteer spirit in Waynoka.
  • At our headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, employees hosted both a Toys for Tots drive and a Salvation Army Toy Drive.
    Our employees not only work in these communities, but they live and raise their families in these communities, so helping make sure a happy holiday is had by all is very dear to their hearts.

To our readers – we wish you the happiest of holidays and a prosperous new year.

Restoring the pipeline right of way

Installing pipeline infrastructure is a complex construction undertaking, requiring heavy equipment, sophisticated machinery and lots and lots of digging.

However, not long after construction is complete, there’s actually very little evidence that a pipeline is underground.

For example, just two years ago Williams installed an 11-mile pipeline lateral connecting its Transco natural gas pipeline to an electric power generating facility in Cecil County, Md. The photo on the left shows the pipe strung along the permanent right of way in Lancaster County, Pa., in October 2015.

The photo on the right was taken in the same location less than two years later. With the exception of the yellow pipeline maker, you’d be hard-pressed to know a pipeline was present.

That’s because our policy is to clean up and restore the work area as soon as possible to its original condition. That means quickly commencing cleanup and restoration activities, including replacing topsoil and grading the construction right of way to restore pre-construction contours.

Read more about the steps we’re taking here.

Atlantic Sunrise contractor donates to needy families in Lebanon, Schuylkill counties

Community involvement is important, especially during the holiday season, and we’re thrilled when our contractors help give to the communities Williams is proud to serve. 

Welded Construction, an Atlantic Sunrise contractor, recently held two benefit drives for those in need. The company collected canned and boxed foods, diapers, baby food items, drinks, toiletries and more to give needy families in Lebanon and Schuylkill counties.

Welded Construction employees deliver food items to Schuylkill Community Action.

The contractor gave 2,716 pounds of boxed and canned food items to Lebanon County Christian Ministries (LCCM), and more than 3,000 pounds of food items to Schuylkill Community Action (SCA).

“[Welded Construction has] demonstrated what it means to be community-minded, and we are working to build lasting relationships with their surrounding neighbors,” LCCM Development Manager Dan Landes said. “Welded Construction has gone above and beyond the call to help support the fight against hunger. The best part is that they have expressed various upcoming plans to continue their charitable efforts, and we applaud their earnest intentions.”

The Williams team applauds all those at Welded who made these donations possible.

On the first day of Christmas natural gas gave to me …

Natural gas brings us the 12 days of Christmas


The holiday season is upon us. While many think that the only contribution natural gas makes to the season is keeping our homes warm, natural gas does much more than that. Without natural gas, the 12 days of Christmas wouldn’t quite be the same.

Natural gas provides the partridge in the pear tree

On the first day of Christmas, you can thank natural gas for the pear trees the partridges call home. Natural gas royalties has allowed many farmers, including those with fruit orchards, to keep farming in resource-rich Pennsylvania.

Natural gas creates the ingredients for turtle dove ornaments

Remember the iconic turtle dove ornaments in “Home Alone 2”? They’re available to purchase at many retailers, and are made from a durable plastic resin made from natural gas byproducts.

Natural gas keeps the French hens warm

French hens dislike being cold as much as humans do. Farmers often use propane and natural gas to heat coops and barns during harsh winters.

Natural gas prevents calling birds from becoming colly

Many of us sing the line “four calling birds,” but the line is actually “four colly birds.” Colly birds are essentially black birds, as “colly” is derived from the Old English word for coal. Natural gas provides fewer emissions for power generation, and, in 2017, surpassed coal as the source for U.S. electric power generation.

Natural gas provides the shine for golden rings

If you wear jewelry, you’re more than likely wearing natural gas. High-pressure natural gas is used by jewelry manufacturers for casting precious metals.

Natural gas is the golden egg laid by the Pa. goose

Marcellus Shale development has been a godsend for Pennsylvania. Natural gas has pumped billions into the state and local economies, and is one of Pennsylvania’s key economics, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

Natural gas helps swans keep a-swimming

Farmland wouldn’t be the same without natural gas. Farmers nationwide rely on natural gas byproducts, such as fertilizer, to keep their fields in shape.

Natural gas powers maids a-milking

Manual milking is mostly a thing of the past. The process is now automated, and one New York farm uses natural gas to power its entire operation, including milking machines.

Natural gas gets the ladies dancing

The electricity that allows us to get down to our favorite song? That’s generated by natural gas. And your favorite songs will only be powered more by natural gas: the U.S. Energy Information Administration says natural gas-fired power generating capacity is likely to increase over the next two years.

Natural gas keeps the lords a-leaping

Jumping is easier when you wear sneakers because of the rubber soles. Most soles are made from natural gas byproducts.

Natural gas provides pipers with their pipes

What’s the Christmas season without the sound of pipes? Pipes like wooden flutes often feature a petroleum-based lacquer, made from natural gas byproducts, which gives them their unique appearance.

Natural gas provides the drummers with their drums

And on the 12th day, there were drums. Drums depend on natural gas, as drum heads and bodies are made from plastic, which is derived from natural gas byproducts.

We hope you and your family enjoy the holiday season, and we’re making it more enjoyable than ever with the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline. Keep checking back for project updates!