Geotechnical Core Sampling Explained

There has been some confusion about the geotechnical core sampling work we are currently conducting in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Some have mischaracterized this work as “natural gas drilling.”

To be clear, we are not drilling for natural gas. We are in the process of completing geotechnical bore tests – taking small samples of earth and rock in various locations – to determine the feasibility of a trenchless construction method known as a horizontal directional drill. This construction method would allow us to install the pipe in a manner that avoids surface and near-surface impacts and prevents disturbing sensitive environmental or cultural resource areas.

core sampling

We have obtained the necessary permissions to conduct the bore tests, in addition to closely coordinating our activity with the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. We have also had an archeologist on site to conduct shovel testing to ensure that the location of the drill holes do not impact sensitive cultural resources.

We are proceeding cautiously to thoroughly gather necessary information so that we can develop responsible construction plans that help ensure we avoid sensitive environmental and cultural resource areas.

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