Spring in winter’: Williams’ Atlantic Sunrise pipeline a win for Lancaster County businesses

Lancaster County’s economy is reaping the benefits from the construction of Williams’ Atlantic Sunrise pipeline. The area is projected to receive a $75.5 million economic boost, a great delight to businesses, but especially to those that slow down during the winter.

Claudette Korzniecki, co-owner of Flory’s Cottages & Camping in Ronks, Pa. recently told LNP that Atlantic Sunrise has “helped us pay our bills. Wintertime is always tough.”

She added that pipeline workers are “spending a fortune in this area. People don’t realize how much they spend. They go to musical shows, doctors, dentists, buy groceries and fuel.”

The 10 Pennsylvania counties that will be home to the 197-mile Atlantic Sunrise pipeline will all see economic benefits from pipeline construction. For many, such as Cleveland Brothers in Ephrata, Pa., the project means “high-paying jobs that are needed,” as company director of marketing Todd Regar told the newspaper.

For others, it means jobs and upgrades to equipment. Darrel Lehman Dump Truck Services CEO Gail Lehman told LNP that the Elizabethtown company’s Atlantic Sunrise work afforded it the opportunity to buy a new truck, as well as having her drivers work on Saturdays “for the first time in months.”

“It’s been a blessing. It’s created a lot more business for us,” Lehman said.

While Atlantic Sunrise will bring more abundant, affordable natural gas to U.S. homes and businesses, it’s also benefiting local businesses in the project area. Maybe the benefits of this project were put best by Rob Wraihay, co-owner of Manheim, Pa.-based Warihay Enterprises:

“It’s like spring in winter!”Read the entire article to see how Williams’ Atlantic Sunrise pipeline is working for Lancaster County.