Williams’ Mike Atchie shares Atlantic Sunrise updates at LiUNA Conference

Besides delivering abundant domestic natural gas, Williams’ Atlantic Sunrise project will deliver direct economic benefits to thousands of construction laborers tasked with installing the nearly $3 billion energy infrastructure project.

That was the message delivered by Mike Atchie, Williams Partners’ manager of public outreach, speaking at the Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA) 2017 Pipeline Conference in Chicago.

The conference, which was conducted March 7-8, featured updates on several planned energy infrastructure projects, highlighting the benefits these projects deliver to communities. It addressed the need for adequate workforce training to deploy the thousands of highly skilled laborers used during pipeline construction.

LiUNA, a trade union organization that has had a global presence since 1903, is championing the call for the expansion and improvement of America’s energy infrastructure. It represents its members — a half-million workers, many of whom are in the construction industry — by advocating for a comprehensive domestic energy plan that will meet the nation’s needs and create jobs while protecting the environment. The organization offers practical support, such as a training program that provides members with the skills for a wide range of energy jobs.

LiUNA’s members support the development of large-scale infrastructure projects needed to help the country achieve energy independence. These projects create a solid foundation of economic opportunities and family-sustaining jobs that are critical to LiUNA members.

One of the most significant is the Atlantic Sunrise project, which recently received approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The project is anticipated to directly and indirectly support approximately 8,000 jobs during construction, creating a ripple effect that will benefit a wide variety of industries and laborers.

In addition to Atchie, another of the conference speakers — LiUNA’s general president, Terry O’Sullivan — highlighted the thousands of job opportunities that the project will create. These jobs are often referred to as “gold-collar jobs” because of the above-average starting salaries.